Better Manage Swim Meets and Track/Field Activities as well as Time Records

By Using

Our Sports Web and Mobile Apps

Sports Activities Management

We provide a low cost, hi-tech, affordable Swim Meet as well as Track and Field Management solution for all school sports teams.

BizRoamer Sports Apps help parents and coaches to better plan for and manage swim meets and track & field activities as well as keeping track of athletes' time records using our patented mobile web apps on your smart phones.

Our BizRoamer Sports Apps provide a low cost hi-tech solution to record athletes' times for each meet using smart phones and web technology. It is designed to reduce the amount of paper work, manual data entry and run around performed by the parents and coaches, so that everyone can focus on the meet rather than scrambling around to keep the records straight.

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Improve Efficiency

Our Sports Management web based software helps you to organize swim meets as well as track and fields sports activities more efficiently. Our state of the art mobile web apps allow timers to keep track of who are the swimmers or athletes on deck, and use their smart phones as timers and automatically send the time records to our cloud server for storage. The records can be browsed from a browser without any tedious and error prone manual data entry.

Enjoy the Meets

Parents can relax and enjoy watching the meets rather than worry about keeping track of the athletes and their time records. Our apps take the burden off the parents and coaches, so that they can focus on the meets.


Our web based Sports Management software is FREE for all non-profit schools. Use of the smart phone timer mobile web apps is also FREE. Donations are always welcome!

Note: all profits will be donated to under-privileged schools in your state.

Hardware/Software Requirements

Our Sports Management software is 100% Web based and hosted on the Cloud servers, there is no need to install any software on your PC at all. All you need is a PC or tablet with a web browser (FireFox, Safari or Chrome) and Internet access.

Timer can use our mobile web apps on his/her smart phone, such as, Android or iPhone, for the duration of the meet. With a touch of the buttons to record athletes' time and upload the time records to our Sports Management system. It is simple and easy to use.